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Learn Our Exclusive Forex Strategy 101

  • Become an independent Forex trader with the confidence to make your own trading decisions.
  • Learn from our 18+ years of experience and master an effective trading method you can use year after year.

Includes three webinar training sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each and ongoing training support. You can set up your training schedule after you enroll based on your preferences.

The Strategy 101 Forex Course Topics:

Topic #1: Introduction – Getting you set up to learn Strategy 101.

Topic #2: How to choose the best of the best Forex pairs to trade, and why.

Topic #3: Why human nature and trader’s habits are our best and most reliable indicators.

Topic #4: How to trade and prosper in any market condition by following one simple rule. man on ipad

Topic #5: Why we believe in the averages that almost guarantees us a higher than normal ratio percentage of wins.

Topic #6: Learn why we trade short/medium and medium/long term trends and what makes it so effective.

Topic #7: How to consistently profit with an upside-down risk/reward and why this works.

Topic #8: Why we believe that profitable trading needs to be simple and uncomplicated.

Topic #9: How to use our Elimination Strategy.

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